The Application of Geometric Aesthetics on Wheel Design | JWHEEL

The geometric aesthetics has affected the development of design of car wheels. Brands like BBS, vossen conform to geomertic logic when they design wheels. A stylish wheel can add to the charm of a car.

February 22, 2023
The Application of Geometric Aesthetics on Wheel Design | JWHEEL


Geometric Aesthetics is the aesthetics of points, lines, faces and bodies, which are the basic elements of it. Those products designed by using the theory of geometric have simple shape, lively line and neat construction. The use of geometric aesthetics has enrich the connotation and aesthetics temperament of the products. 


With a long history of development, geometric aesthetics is found related to the law of the changes of products’ styles. The Beetles has been released by Volkswagen for many decades, but is still popular nowadays. The reason why the Beetles is able to pass the verification of long history and remain one of the favorite cars among people, is its beautiful design and classical dimensional proportion.

The beauty of the wheels has a great impact on the overall image of the car. The wheel is an important part of the automobile appearance and the shape of the wheel would influence the quality and level of car body design. With the increase of the variety of family cars and the decrease of the price, the automobile has become a necessity of a normal family. 

Meanwhile, people’s requirement for cars also transits from the initial practical use to beauty. They not only require good performance and easy operation of the car, but also that the appearance of the car in line with their aesthetic taste and identity positioning. Nowadays automobile wheel design is an important point in car modeling design. Car wheels are required to meet the needs of load-bearing and ventilation (brake heat dissipation), as well as to show the grade and level of the whole design of the car. Therefore, what wheel manufacturers and wheel designers most concern about is how to design a wheel with style characteristics and aesthetic temperament.

The application of design geometric theory and method to the reform of wheels have effectively solved the existing problems of wheels and meet the manufacturers’ requirement of the designs of the styles of wheels, and have realized the module combination of the function of wheels, improving the product characteristic, brand identification and sense of product quality. 


In this article the geometric aesthetic embodied in the wheel make wheel with different style. In the style of the vocabulary study mainly tend to be emotional aspects. On the basis of summarizing the wheel commonness, excluding those of similar words, finally through the perceptual knowledge to the general style of the wheel is divided into the following types: a stable personality type, sports, mature, simple, natural and lovely type, straight type, rich and gorgeous, restore ancient ways, bionic.Is difficult to define a type personality type, but also the public need most style type, at the time of collecting words for the following a few wheels are selected for personality type, at the same time there are some other words such as bright, free, casual, do STH unconventional or unorthodox to describe, age between 20 to 30 years old of person is his favorite, consumer groups, they are not bound by traditional aesthetic limitation.


Personality is bright, willing to accept new things. wheel design is mainly irregular curve, spokes for 4 to 7 root is given priority to, modelling structure is more complex, adornment sex is given priority to, function in the second.Streamlining is a very popular style, the dynamic curve, and fluent line, often let a person feel wind free, natural, vitality, curve, adds color to overall description words, aged between 20 to 40 years old are the main consumers of functional and comfort is their pursuit of consumption characteristics of streamlined, they need to. wheel design is mainly sporty, line type curve. Picture number for 3 to 5 more, pitch is smaller.

Sedate and mature is to describe a man grew up whether standard, but the style in the wheel style delicate, aesthetic, and sedate for overall description words, between the ages of 30 to 40 years old are its customers, they pay attention to their appearance, higher sensitivity to the fashion element, confidence and know how to choose collocation vehicles and wheel design more perfect fusion, Attach importance to the quality of the wheel. Spoke count for more than eight more and less change, attention to detail. Without too much decoration on it.

Brevity is a minimalist, classic, simple and clear, is one of the most common style, aged between 20 and 40 for the major consumer groups. They do not pursue high consumption, but for simple and clear. Spoke most for 3-6, without too much decoration on it, don't need the design to make decoration, cleanly on the whole. Is given priority to with geometric form, colour is single, spokes curvature change small, young professionals in the symbol of urban image. Overall partial neutral colors such as black, white, grey, material is alloy material, the product style.General description of the bionic style words for animals, plants, biology, overall modelling rich sense of humor, consumer groups between 20 to 40 years old, like a lovely modelling, by imitating animals and plants in nature, for the innovation of product design. How much does not care about the spokes, pay more attention to watch the beauty of appearance. Rich colors, exaggerated shape.

JWHEEL, as a comprehensive wheel manufacturer, is dedicated to design and produce aluminum alloy wheels that have both fashionable styles and practical use, so as to let the cars have our wheels on look more charming and run more safely. Using the bigger and stronger wheels on your off-road car would make it faster and safer, with the authentic wild of it bursting out! And using the noble and elegant wheels on your commercial vehicle, let it be the company of your continuous improved career. JWHEEL provides both OEM and ODM services to meet the different requirements of our clients. As a professional aluminum alloy wheel supplier, JWHEEL has always been insisting on staying at the high point and with its advanced technology providing products of high performance to the market, growing up together with its cooperative partners, in order to realize both the social value and the business value.


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