Wheel production using electroplating process


First, let us introduce what ishub• The hub is the support inside the tire. The tires themselves are soft. The inner contour of the tire supports the barrel shape of the tire.

The part that is mounted on the shaft is called the hub.

Electroplating wheel hub technology: The wheel hub maintenance company introduces "multi-layer environmental protection ion technology" using powder spraying technology. Electroplating wheel hubs are processed by magnetic control vacuum coating technology, and the production technology replaces the traditional high pollution. High cost. Zero pollution. Efficient production mode It has created high added value, advanced product technology, beautiful and luxurious appearance, green environmental protection, and superior performance, which has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign markets.

Once the electroplating wheel is scratched, the cost of replacing the entire wheel is relatively high, and it is not affordable, and it cannot be repaired and refurbished.

Generally, some of the original wheels are painted, some are brushed, some are polished, some are imitation electroplating, and some are electroplated wheels.

Then, whether it is paint, wire drawing, polishing, imitation electroplating, wheel repair and electroplating maintenance experts said that it can be changed to electroplating wheels. If the surface is an electroplated wheel, it can be electroplated for a long time.

Some car owners may question that it is not difficult to change the hub process, but if our hub itself is corroded, clearance, deformation, etc., can we still carry out electroplating?

Wheel repair and electroplating repair experts said that it is completely possible. The wheel electroplating process is to repair the wheel hub and then carry out electroplating. Most car owners guarantee the quality and effect of the wheel hub electroplating.

After the hub enters the factory, professional hub maintenance experts will check the hub to confirm whether the hub is corroded, creviced, deformed, broken, etc. If so, professional electroplating equipment and electroplating technology will carry out electroplating and electroplating with the industry's electroplating equipment and electroplating technology.

At the same time, combined with professional maintenance technology, a new maintenance effect can be achieved, the surface is smooth and bright like a mirror.

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