What conditions will accelerate the shortening of the life of the steel ring during the driving of the car?


The wheel is often regarded as the oldest and most important invention of mankind, so much so that we often compare it to the use of fire. In fact, humans have been taming fire for more than 1.5 million years, and only 6,000 years before they started using the wheel. Humans could not have wheeled vehicles until they had sharp and strong tools.

It is difficult to machine wood into a proper cylindrical shape with stone tools, let alone complex enough to make a spoked wheel. Therefore, the appearance of the wheel can only be a matter after the Bronze Age. The wheel of a car is a whole made up of tires and hubs.

However, due to manufacturing reasons, the mass distribution of each part of the whole cannot be very uniform. When the wheels of the car rotate at high speed, a dynamic unbalanced state will be formed, causing the wheels to vibrate and the steering wheel to vibrate during driving. In order to avoid this phenomenon or eliminate this phenomenon that has occurred, it is necessary to make the wheel correct the balance of each edge part by increasing the counterweight under dynamic conditions.

This correction process is what people often call dynamic balance. Whether the car hub is big or small, China Auto Hub Network will introduce it here. Maybe you have more questions about car wheels, you may wish to pay attention to our website in real time, and the online customer service will answer your questions immediately.

For the safety of your life and the happiness of your family, please drive safely. When refitting the wheels, you must meet the immediate needs of your car model. Don't blindly choose inappropriate car wheels to bring hidden dangers to your life safety. 1. Be sure to recognize the brand , Face up to the quality and safety function. 2. The bright surface car rim mainly depends on whether there are pinholes on the surface and inner circle. Pinholes indicate that there is a problem with the forging quality of the product. Then observe whether there are cracks, whether there is a prickly feeling when touching the back with your fingers, and whether the non-processed surface of the car rim is smooth, which is also a sign to judge the quality of the brand.

3. The contrast of the brightness of the paint surface, the gloss of the paint surface of a good brand is vivid, while some brands make people feel dull. When purchasing car steel rims, you must grasp these three points. I hope you can learn and remember them, which will be of great help to you. There are two main types of hub repairs, paint repair and shape repair.

Paint restoration includes: scratches, abrasions, corrosion, etc. Different brands of models or different brands of wheels have some differences in design, so the paint surface materials are also different. Based on the current general situation, the paint surface materials of the wheels are mainly divided into five types, namely, painted wheels, brushed wheels, and polished wheels. Wheels, galvanized rims and imitation galvanized rims. Because there are many types, the difficulty and time of restoration will be slightly different.

What conditions will accelerate the shortening of the life of the steel ring during the driving of the car? What problems should we pay attention to? The first is that when the weather gets hot, the temperature will rise when the car brakes for too long, which will quickly shorten the life of the steel ring. The second is that when the steel ring model does not match the tire model, it is also a reason for shortening the life of the steel ring. The third is that there is a small problem with the wheel hub but it cannot be repaired in time, and the steel ring will be damaged more severely.

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