How to maintain and maintain car wheels


The wheel hub is an important part of the car, which supports the body and fixes the tires. If the wheel hub is deformed or damaged, it will not only affect the overall image of the car, but also bring hidden dangers to driving safety. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the hub is very important.

So, what should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the wheel hub? How to repair the broken wheel hub? Maintenance method: Choose a suitable cleaning agent. Household detergents and common detergents on the market are more alkaline or acidic and more corrosive to the surface of the hub. To avoid contact with strong chemicals, wash the wheels with mild soap and water.

Do not wash the wheels when the temperature is too high. When the temperature of the wheel is high, do not wash it directly with cold water. Please wash after cooling.

Otherwise the aluminum alloy wheels will be damaged and the brake discs may be deformed. affect the braking effect. In addition, washing aluminum alloy wheels with washing powder at high temperature will cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the wheel, which will lose its luster and affect the appearance of the wheel.

When cleaning aluminum alloy wheels, use a sponge or towel. Please don't use too hard wool brush. Using a steel ball to remove stubborn stains can damage the wheel surface.

Please clean the hub properly. If there are stains that are difficult to remove on the surface of the wheel hub, professional cleaners should be used to remove the stains gently and effectively, so as to reduce the damage to the surface of the aluminum alloy. A cleaner is needed when the car has been used for a certain period of time when a hard layer of dark brown char builds up on the wheels.

If the wheels are stained with hard-to-remove tar that ordinary cleaners won't do, use a brush to remove it. However, please do not use too hard brushes, especially iron brushes. It is easy to damage the wheel surface.

The car is located in wet or near the coast. To prevent the aluminum surface from being corroded by salt, the wheels need to be cleaned frequently. After washing as required, apply wax to the hub to maintain the shine.

Develop good driving habits. Car owners should pay attention to the low barriers during daily driving, and do not get too close to the roadbed when parking. In this way, the hub is easily damaged, and the appearance and corrosion of the hub are also prone to occur.

Removal of waterproof coating will affect water resistance and corrosion resistance. This will deform the hub and affect driving safety. Repair method: 1. Confirm the scar.

If the inside of the hub is not damaged, wipe the scar with thinner to remove dirt. When cleaning, you can stick stickers around the scars to prevent irrelevant parts from being stained by paint. Use the tip of the brush to paint the damaged part of the hub.

Will shrink slightly after drying. When painting, look prominently. After the paint is completely dry, apply waterproof paper soaked in soapy water to smooth the surface.

Wipe with a water-resistant paper, wipe with the mixture, and then with wax. Car tires are an important part of supporting car tires, and tires are the factors that directly contact the ground. Therefore, when car owners maintain their cars on a daily basis, please don't forget to maintain the wheels.

Please wash the wheels at least once a week. If the vehicle such as driving is injured due to difficult driving, it is recommended to go to a special repair shop to repair the wheels, pay attention to the maintenance of the main components of the vehicle, and ensure travel safety.

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