How to choose the wheel size


The hub is the rotating part of the wheel core where the inner wheel steel of the tire is connected by a column, that is, the center that supports the tire. According to the diameter, hubs can be divided into large hubs and small hubs. What are the advantages of large wheels and small wheels? How should friends after modification choose? Now let's learn together.

01 Ordinary wheel size We often hear 15-inch wheels. 16-inch wheels, where 15.16 inches refers to the diameter of the wheel hub. Usually, the original factory calibrated wheel size is 15 inches, 16 inches. 17 inches. 18 inches. For these 19 inches, the small size cars are usually equipped with family cars, and the larger cars will be equipped with more advanced cars. Generally speaking, the larger the wheel size, the higher the corresponding configuration, and the more expensive the price.

Wheel customization So, where can I see the size of the wheel? In fact, there is usually a display on the tire, and there are usually three sets of numbers marked on the tire, for example: 225, 60, R17.225 refers to the tire width in contact with the ground , the unit is mm; 60 is the tire flat rate; R17 corresponds to the wheel size, so this is a 17-inch wheel. There are different sizes of wheel hubs, and each has its own advantages. When choosing a car hub, you should also judge according to your own needs. Don't blindly think that large-sized hubs must be better. Advantages of large-sized wheels Good appearance: Generally speaking, in a car, if the wheel size is large and the flatness of the tire is high, it can have a good tension effect visually.

Large-sized wheels can improve the appearance and temperament of the vehicle, which is especially evident in some larger-sized SUVs and sports performance models. Wheel Manufacturer Better Control: Larger wheels will improve the stability of vehicle control. Changes in tire width and tire diameter will increase the tire's contact patch and thus improve the car's grip.

This change will greatly affect the acceleration, braking, and driving stability of the car, and even affect the vehicle acceleration test results, which is why the wheel size of many sports cars and racing cars is very large. Advantages of small size wheels More comfortable: Vibration filtering is one of the important factors affecting the driving comfort of vehicles. With the same tire outer diameter, a smaller rim means the tire will have thicker walls, and with thicker walls vibration filtering will be better, especially in terms of fine vibration handling.

Wheel manufacturing Lower fuel consumption: Smaller size wheels also have advantages in terms of fuel consumption. The wheels are smaller in size and lighter in weight. At the same time, the tires will be narrower in width and have lower rolling resistance.

In this way, the corresponding fuel consumption will naturally be lower.

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