How much is a custom-made modern wheel


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If the original 17 inchesCar wheelsIf you want to change to a larger size, such as 18-inch wheels, the corresponding value will be higher. According to the formula, the diameter difference between old and new tires should be controlled at about 3% to ensure driving safety. As a result, the optional tires will be wider and the natural sidewalls will be thinner.

If you don't mind the increase in gas mileage and think the bigger size is more appealing, there are a lot of things you should be aware of when driving after you buy it. Because the hub of the car is relatively large, the tire is relatively wide, and the sidewall is relatively thin, so if you do not pay attention, the probability of a bulge or a tire blowout will be much higher than that of a small wheel.

The company takes "survival by quality, market by reputation, development by technology, and benefit by management" as its business tenet. In order to ensure that every wheel can be better, the company has built a strict quality monitoring and testing system. , The products have passed the TS16949 quality system certification.

Products include cast wheels andForged Wheels, the annual output of casting wheels reaches about 1.1 million pieces, and the annual output of forging wheels reaches about 18,000 pieces. The products not only cover nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, but also are exported to the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Iraq, etc. dozens of regions. In order to meet the market demand, the company is constantly reforming and innovating, improving management level, improving product quality, giving full play to the company's technological advantages, brand advantages, talent advantages and customer advantages in the industry, and striving to build the company into a competitive and Enterprises with influence and development potential.

How much is a custom-made modern wheel

As we all know, the car wheel is an important part of the car.

In order to ensure the safety of the car, it is necessary to choose a good wheel. in selectionAluminum alloy wheelsWhen we need to know that their alloy wheels are also pros and cons. Aluminum alloy wheels are light in weight, good in heat dissipation and good in appearance, and gradually replace steel wheels.

The basic principle of choosing a wheel hub or wheel cover is to be easy to clean and not to blindly pursue aesthetics. When washing the car, the wheel hub or wheel cover with complex structure is very troublesome, and it is good to be beautiful, simple and easy to clean.

Over the years, all employees of the company have been forging ahead, technology and equipment have been continuously improved, and a full-coverage aluminum alloy wheel forging business has been formed.

In order to comply with the market development, a group of technical and management talents have been cultivated and a good market reputation has been formed. JWHEEL will develop in the direction of "higher and farther" to better serve the majority of car owners and the society.

How much is a custom-made modern wheel

The black material on the wheels of the car is actually toner, and the brakes all grip the brake calipers. After a long time, it settles down due to the constant friction between the two.

It should only be lightly covered on the surface, but due to the infrequent cleaning and maintenance of the hub, the hub is heated during daily driving, and the toner will slowly accumulate on the surface of the hub. Over time, coking becomes more and more difficult, and water cannot wash it off at all. Every time you brake, the gravity of the car will move forward due to inertia, so most of the weight of the car is pressed on the front wheel, so the burden on the brake caliper increases, and the wear is naturally more serious than the weight of the rear wheel hub.

The company has a management team with excellent technology and rich management experience, adheres to the corporate philosophy of "customer first", builds core competitiveness, gives full play to comprehensive advantages, seeks progress in stability, and builds an excellent brand in the alloy wheel industry. Fashion peers.

As we all know, the lighter the unsprung weight, the better the performance of the car, the better the acceleration and braking performance, and the better the fuel efficiency. The hollow design greatly reduces the weight of the car hub, and the aluminum alloy also provides enough strength for the spokes to support the rim.

This is also the reason why many car owners want to replace forged wheels. Because forged wheels are not only good quality, but also lightweight. Of course, the hollow design saves the aluminum alloy material used in the manufacture of the wheel hub, reduces the production cost of the wheel hub manufacturer, naturally reduces the cost, and consumers also enjoy benefits.

On average, each alloy wheel is 2kg lighter than a steel wheel of the same size, and a five-wheeler saves 10kg. Although alloy wheels are more expensive than regular steel wheels, the fuel cost savings will be enough to offset the cost of driving 20,000 kilometers per vehicle. The impact resistance, tensile strength and thermal strength of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than those of steel wheels.

This is also one of the reasons why aluminum alloy occupies an important position in my country's imitation industry and aviation industry. The precision can be as high as 0.05mm, and the balance performance is good, which is conducive to eliminating-in addition to the general body length and steering wheel shaking.

How much is a custom-made modern wheel

If the aluminum alloy wheel is broken, in order to save costs, you still go to some unprofessional places to repair it, then you are making a big mistake, so the repaired wheel is not guaranteed.

In fact, many places are repaired by the original factory process, and the air tightness test, grinding, painting and other processes can be repaired. If you're concerned about safety, the hubs are also cast from an aluminum alloy solution during the casting process. Similarly, the welding is carried out by internal and external welding, using the same aluminum alloy material, so there is no need to worry about quality problems.

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