how alloy wheels are refurbished


Alloy wheels have become popular among vehicle owners due to their stylish and sleek appearance. However, over time, these aluminum-based wheels can become corroded, dented, and scratched, leading to a decline in their visual appeal and overall performance. Refurbishing alloy wheels is an excellent way to restore their original beauty and performance. In this article, we will cover what alloy wheel refurbishment entails and some of the benefits that come with it. Why Refurbish Alloy Wheels? Alloy wheels are more delicate than their steel counterparts; hence they require special attention and care. If your car's rims are scratched or damaged, it can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your ride. It also negatively affects the handling performance of the vehicle. Refurbishing alloy wheels can restore that lost appeal and enable you to enjoy a smooth ride. Types of Alloy Wheels Refurbishment Refurbishing alloy wheels involves various techniques. Below are some of the most popular methods: 1. Acid Dipping Acid dipping is a restoration process that involves the use of acid to clean the wheels. This method works well for wheels that have a considerable amount of corrosion. During the process, the acid dissolves all the iron oxides that have collected on the aluminum surface, leaving a clean, smooth surface. The wheel is then rinsed to remove any remaining acid and neutralized to prevent further corrosion, prepped, primed, and painted. 2. Powder Coating Powder coating is currently the most popular method of refinishing alloy wheels. This process uses an electrostatic spray gun to apply a coat of powdered paint onto the wheel. The powder is charged negatively while the wheel is grounded and charged positively, it is then baked at a high temperature, making it stick to the surface evenly. This method results in a durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting finish. 3. Diamond Cutting Diamond cutting involves applying a thin layer of paint on the wheel, and then a specialized lathe machine is used to cut through the paint surface. This method results in shiny alloy surfaces with fine lines and patterns. Diamond cutting is ideal for people looking for a unique and eye-catching design. 4. Polishing Polishing is a mechanical process that involves the use of a polishing machine to restore the luster and shine to a wheel. The machine uses fine abrasive materials to remove a thin layer of aluminum that may have been corroded, oxidized, or scratched. To achieve a better result and longevity, the wheel undergoes a cleaning process, buffing, and waxing. 5. Smart Repair Smart repaid is one of the most affordable methods of refurbishing alloy wheels. This process involves repairing chips, scuffs, and minor scratches on the wheel surface. It involves the use of colored resin that is mixed to match the color of the wheel. The resin is then applied to the damaged area and left to dry, resulting in a smooth finish. Smart repaid is an excellent method that restores the beauty of your wheel and great value to the car owners. Benefits of Refurbishing Alloy Wheels 1. Improved Performance Refurbishing alloy wheels can restore their integrity to a great extent. This restoration ensures that the wheels remain durable, strong, and corrosion-resistant. A fitted new finish will protect the wheel material from further corrosion caused by chemical reactions between the aluminum and corrosive materials. 2. Extended Wheel Life Refurbishing wheels is much cheaper than replacing them altogether. Refurbishment can offer an excellent way for you to extend the life of your wheels and save money in the process. 3. Aesthetical Appeal Refurbishing is a surefire way to restore the beauty of your alloy wheels. After refurbishment, your wheels can look brand new, enhancing the car's overall appearance and further maximizing its value. 4. Protection The powder coating in alloy wheel refurbishment is corrosion-resistant compared to painting as it applies a thicker layer of paint that is less prone to chipping and fading. This way, your wheels will endure extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall and snow. 5. Increases Resale Value A well-maintained car, including its wheels, increases the overall value of the car. Refurbishing of wheels makes your vehicle look new and irresistible to potential buyers, which is a surefire way of getting the best possible price when selling your car. Summary Refurbishing alloy wheels is an excellent way of restoring their luster and appearance. Different methods, including acid dipping, powder coating, diamond cutting, polishing and smart repair, may be used to refurbish the wheels. Refurbishment has numerous benefits, including improved performance, extended wheel life, increased resale value, protection, and aesthetical appeal. If you notice any damage or signs of wear on your wheels, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional refurbishing service provider for excellent service and remarkable results.

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