Cars that paint the exterior of the vehicle


The battery of your car may become loose due to strong vibrations After long-distance driving, the battery of your car may become loose due to strong vibrations or battery fluid may splash. At this time, check whether there is corrosion on the outside of the battery or loose joints, cracks or loose pressure tools. If the battery is corroded by the splashed battery fluid, it needs to be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and baking soda, and grease is applied to the outside of the joint to prevent further corrosion.

If the connector connection is loose, tighten the nut of the clamp, but not too tight, just enough to keep the battery in place, too tight will damage the battery box. During the self-driving tour of a car that sprays paint on the exterior of the vehicle, due to the owner's unfamiliarity with the road surface or some road conditions are poor, it may cause obvious scratches and dents on the exterior of the vehicle, especially on the front bumper. Therefore, there are many car owners who paint the exterior of their vehicles.

However, according to the professionals of the auto repair company, the cracks in the paint layer caused by some impacts are not very large, so most people think that it does not affect the appearance of the vehicle and turn a blind eye to it. In fact, the metal under the paint has already started to rust. When the car owner can observe it from the outside, the inner metal layer has been corroded badly. When it is processed again, it may hurt the muscles and bones. Whether the engine oil is sufficient is related to the performance of the engine. Whether it works normally Whether the oil is enough is related to whether the engine can work normally. Therefore, when returning from a self-driving tour, be sure to check whether the engine oil is sufficient.

The procedure is to first pull out the oil dipstick and wipe it clean with a cloth under the premise of shutting down the engine; Check the oil level at the dipstick tip. If the oil level is lower or slightly higher than the low oil level line, you need to take off the oil filler cap and add oil. The amount of engine oil that needs to be added depends on the level of the engine oil reaching between the low oil level line and the high oil level line on the dipstick. Pay attention to tighten the oil cap after filling.

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