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You’re in the right place for Car Wheel Polishing.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on JWHEEL.we guarantee that it’s here on JWHEEL.
Using this product eliminates the need to hire a reliable pool maintenance professional to do most of the maintaining work. .
We aim to provide the highest quality Car Wheel Polishing.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Wheel Aappearance Inspection and Polishing | JWHEEL
    Wheel Aappearance Inspection and Polishing | JWHEEL
    The wheels produced by JWHEEL, after CNC machining, need to be inspected by the assembly line and have no obvious surface defects before continuing to the next process.Common defects are, clear bump, serious deformation, scratches, burrs, flying edges, etc., which need to be scrapped or reworked according to the situation.
  • Customized VIA Certificate Car Casting Wheels Manufacturers From China | JWHEEL
    Customized VIA Certificate Car Casting Wheels Manufacturers From China | JWHEEL
    Nice designs of aluminum wheels Casting aluminum wheels is the most common manufacturing process for alloy wheels on the market. How these wheels are made is molten aluminum is poured (or drawn in with a vacuum) into a mold which forms the material into the desired wheel shape. The aluminum cools and then it is machined, drilled and trimmed into the final wheel. This processing of casting a wheel is easy and less expensive than other methods however the process of allowing the molten aluminum to solidify can lead to porosity. Porosity is inconsistencies in the material structure which can lead to cracking and the overall reduction in the wheel’s integrity. Because of porosity, in order to ensure a cast wheel can be stronger manufacturers have to use more material which leads to heavier wheels.
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