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Nowadays, Chevrolet has become one of the most common car brands you can see on the road. Born in 1911, Chevrolet has been through 111 years. Chevrolet have created one after another gorgeous story since its birth. 

October 15, 2022

Nowadays, Chevrolet has become one of the most common car brands you can see on the road. Born in 1911, Chevrolet has been through 111 years. Throughout history, there are not many auto companies or enterprises that are over 100 years old, let alone those always have outstanding and performance from the very beginning to now. There’s a saying that “ Someone buys a Chevy every 40 seconds “. Most enterprises have experienced at least one smooth and slow period, however, Chevrolet have created one after another gorgeous story since its birth. 


In 1911, the famous Swiss racer and engineer Louis Chevrolet retired from car racing and established Chevrolet company together with Billy Durant. At that time, the US had been a rapidly developing super car country, with more than 200 auto companies registered, as well as many and various car racing competitions. It seemed difficult to gain a firm foothold in such a market. However, Chevrolet made it!

In 1912, Chevrolet launched its first mass-produced car ---- Classic Six, which almost fulfilled all the requirements that Louis had for a luxury car as a professional racer. At that time the average selling prices of cars in America were between 800 to 900 US dollars, while the price of Classic Six, with large size and high horsepower, was 2,150 US dollars. Though much more expensive than most of other cars, 5,987 units of Classic Six were sold in only two years. 

Classic Six is no doubt a market legend, but only rich people can afford it. Therefore, Billy Durant, the other founder of Chevrolet, turned the emphasis to economical cars, because he thought that mass-market cars would be the trend of auto in the future.

In 1913, Baby Grand was launched, with the price of 875 US dollars. The styling features of Classic Six were applied to Baby Grand, which gained reputation immediately after its launch. Baby Grand was also the first car to have the “Gold Bow Tie ” logo. 

Over the next one hundred years, Chevrolet insist in being “ The World's Most Innovative Car Brand ”, which let it break a lot of rules. It kept making miracles, from the first electronic ignition, car radio and colorful car body, to the innovations in the individual front suspension system, the servo brake, power windows and seats, the high-power V8 engine, ABRS and so on. Chevrolet has not only made itself a legend, but also made a tremendous contribution to the development of the auto industry.


In all of these legends, the most innovative one is the creation of SUV.

At that time, there was no concept of SUV style existing in the auto industry. The buyers who lived near to mountainous areas hoped to buy an all-terrain vehicle, which is able to run on rough roads, with off-road and cargo carrying ability, as well as the comfortableness of sedans.

The first company to solve this problem was Chevrolet. In 1935, Chevrolet launched a multi-function car, called “ Suburban Carryall “, which was the first car in America that combined truck chassis with estate car shape.Suburban Carryall had the ability of both carrying and off-road, meanwhile retained the comfortableness and sensitive handling of sedans. This was a revolutionary creation. Suburban is regarded as the “ ancestor of contemporary SUV ”, and even nowadays it’s still the most aggressive full-size SUV. Besides, it has appeared in many famous Hollywood movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Air Force One, Fahrenheit 9/11, being the cars for the spies. 


Except for focusing on constantly innovation, Chevrolet also cooperate with other industries.

In April 4, 2017, Chevrolet announced being the official cooperative partner of Discovery Channel. The three photography masters ----- Andy Casagrande, Sophie Darlington and Mungo attended and witnessed the launch of Equinox, another evolutionary SUV product of Chevrolet. In the movie of wild exploration, Equinox accompanied and assisted the there top masters to deal with various challenges, and helped them reach a higher level. The two brands ----- Chevrolet and Discovery share the same tenet : love, dream, action, share, and will continue going on the trip of exploration and discovery in the future.

Many of you must know that Bumblebee, the key role in the movie Transformer, was Chevrolet Camaro. Bumblebee perfectly embodied the brand spirit of Chevrolet : be brave enough to dream and move, create the future with dreams. Besides, Camaro also appeared in many famous Hollywood movies such as Charlie's Angles and The Fast and the Furious, playing very important roles. Camaro’s muscle definition and hero image in the movies has attracted a large number of fans. Owning a camaro has become many young people’s dream.

Chevrolet also cooperates with sports. It is the official car sponsor of Manchester United. There are 252 million owners of Chevrolet cars all over the world, which can be compared with large quantity of fanatical fans of football. The enthusiasm of Chevrolet towards life just matches the positive attitude conveyed by football sport. The charm of football sport is that it is able to hold the fans around the world all together. Loyal fans would drive from thousands of miles away to the football match spot, to support their favourite teams and shout and sing loudly all together. That’s such a wonderful connection between Chevrolet and football.

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