Wheel Mods & Braking: Know the Impact! 🚘

🚨Get ready for a thrilling ride! Discover the true impact of wheel modifications and braking on your car's performance! From enhanced handling to increased stopping power, we'll explore how these tweaks can turn your ride into a beast on the road. Buckle up and stay tuned for some jaw-dropping insights! 🏁🔧💥 #WheelMods #BrakingPower #PerformanceUpgrade

January 16, 2024
Wheel Mods & Braking: Know the Impact! 🚘

Wheel Mods & Braking: Know the Impact! 


Have you ever considered the impact that a wheel modification can have on your vehicle's braking system?


We often hear about the impact of wheels on a vehicle's performance and aesthetics, but can wheel modifications really have a negative impact on the braking system?

A quality wheel shapes the body lines of the vehicle while also affecting the handling and safety of the vehicle. The use of high quality wheels can improve a vehicle's handling performance while reducing the burden on the braking system and extending its life.

Modifying wheels may have an impact on the vehicle's braking system as follows:

1. Braking performance: Larger diameter wheels are usually paired with wider tyres, which may increase the contact area between the tyre and the ground, thus improving braking performance. However, if the wheel diameter is too large, it may result in a less efficient braking system, as the braking system requires more force to overcome the greater rotational inertia.

2. Brake disc and pad fitment: When retrofitting a wheel, you need to make sure that the new wheel is compatible with the vehicle's brake discs and pads. Unsuitable dimensions or mounting may result in uneven contact between the discs and pads, thus affecting braking performance.

3. Wheel weight: Heavier wheels increase the inertia of the wheels, which places a greater load on the braking system. This may result in longer braking distances, especially at high speeds or during emergency braking.

Therefore, when modifying your wheels, it is advisable to choose wheels that are compatible with your vehicle's original specifications and ensure compatibility with the braking system. If you have any concerns about the braking performance of your vehicle, it is best to consult a professional car tuning shop or the vehicle manufacturer for advice and guidance on your specific vehicle model. This will ensure that modifying your wheels will not negatively affect your vehicle's braking system and will ensure safe driving.

If you are considering modifying your wheels, we recommend you to choose a well-known and reputable brand and make sure that the size and shape of the wheel matches the braking system. Use jwheel wheels to make your car more personalised and ensure driving safety at the same time.


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