Which brand of Toyota alloy wheels is good?


Toyota aluminum alloyhubwhich brand is better

Car wheelsPlay an important role in improving the appearance, but when choosing a wheel, every detail has to be meticulous. The parameters of the hub affect the use of the hub and the vehicle. If the PCD value is incorrect, it may not install properly.

The ET value affects not only installation and use, but also future upgrades and modifications. When reinstalling a car wheel, you should pay attention to the size of the hole. If this size is smaller than the original size, it cannot be installed naturally.

However, if it is larger than the original size and no comparison measures are taken, the concentricity of the vehicle will be different when driving, resulting in abnormal noise and vibration of the vehicle, which will directly affect the vehicle in severe cases.

The company takes "survival by quality, market by reputation, development by technology, and benefit by management" as its business tenet. In order to ensure that every wheel can be better, the company has built a strict quality monitoring and testing system. , The products have passed the TS16949 quality system certification. Products include cast wheels andForged Wheels, the annual output of casting wheels reaches about 1.1 million pieces, and the annual output of forging wheels reaches about 18,000 pieces. The products not only cover nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, but also are exported to the United States, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Iraq, etc. dozens of regions.

In order to meet the market demand, the company is constantly reforming and innovating, improving management level, improving product quality, giving full play to the company's technological advantages, brand advantages, talent advantages and customer advantages in the industry, and striving to build the company into a competitive and Enterprises with influence and development potential.

ToyotaAluminum alloy wheelswhich brand is better

In order to enhance the external beauty of aluminum alloy wheels and protect the environment, the traditional painting and electroplating processes will be gradually reduced and replaced by water-based powder coating technology. After polishing and spraying with clear powder, the shiny metal wheel appearance can replace electroplating.

Coated wheels are not only color-changing, but also environmentally friendly and refined, it can meet your needs to a great extent. Brushing is a surface treatment method, which forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product, thus playing a decorative role, because this tire looks two colors and has a glossy surface, which is also one of the important factors for car owners to choose wheel drawing. one.

Over the years, all employees of the company have been forging ahead, technology and equipment have been continuously improved, and a full-coverage aluminum alloy wheel forging business has been formed.

In order to comply with the market development, a group of technical and management talents have been cultivated and a good market reputation has been formed. JWHEEL will develop in the direction of "higher and farther" to better serve the majority of car owners and the society.

Which brand of Toyota alloy wheels is good?

Many car owners accidentally hit the roadside or corner when parking, scratching or deforming the wheel. Scratches are not a big problem, and if the car wheel is deformed or simply falls off, it needs to be replaced.

Car owners should pay attention to daily driving to avoid scratching the wheels due to luck. Pay attention to daily maintenance, check and clean up oil stains regularly, there will be no major problems. Wash the car wheel with clean water, and then wash it after the wheel has cooled down.

When the car is driving, the wheels generate heat by rubbing against the tires and brake pads. If you rinse immediately with water, the material of the hub will change, which can easily cause discoloration of the outer coating. Wipe off the oil with soap and water.

The company has a management team with excellent technology and rich management experience, adheres to the corporate philosophy of "customer first", builds core competitiveness, gives full play to comprehensive advantages, seeks progress in stability, and builds an excellent brand in the alloy wheel industry. Fashion peers.

If the car wheel is bent, broken or severely corroded, it should be replaced in time. If the damaged wheel is not replaced, the tire is likely to slip from the wheel, or even the car will lose control. But if it's just scratches, it's not a big problem.

Do not arbitrarily change the wheel size. If you change it at will, it will definitely damage the original data of the vehicle. After blind modification, not only the fuel consumption of the vehicle will increase, but also the power and braking effect will be affected, so be careful to replace it.

Find a professional auto parts store to replace the car wheel hub. When replacing the wheel hub, most car owners will enlarge and widen the original wheel hub to make full use of the advantages of wide tires and increase comfort and grip.

When a car wheel is turned against the edge of the road, it is easy to damage the outer edge of the wheel. In this case, the main structure has not changed, so the safety performance of the hub is basically not affected, as long as it is repaired.

Sandblasting dirt, sanding, putty filling, fine sanding and paint. After these repair steps, the hub is basically brand new. The wheel hub is made of aluminum alloy, and the metal fatigue resistance is poor.

After it is deformed by external force, it is forced to return to its original state by external force. Even with tiny cracks on the surface, from a scientific point of view, the metal structure here is completely different from a normal wheel hub.

Which brand of Toyota alloy wheels is good?

Car wheel modification is an important part of car modification. Whether it is the improvement of appearance or the improvement of handling performance, the customization of car wheels plays an important role.

A good car wheel must go through strict manufacturing process and strict inspection to ensure that its personality parameters are qualified. If the economic conditions do not allow it for the time being, it is recommended that the car owner choose the modified car wheel carefully. Although the original "steel rims" and "cast wheels" may not be beautiful and lightweight, at least the performance is guaranteed.

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