What is the effect of Audi wheel decoration


AudihubHow is the decorative effect

JWHEEL is a high-tech enterprise in my country, focusing on the research and development, design, production and sales of aluminum alloy wheels, and an export base enterprise of auto parts in my country. great accessibility.

The company covers an area of ​​120 acres, with a registered capital of 118 million yuan, total assets of nearly 180 million yuan, and more than 300 employees. It has 11 authorized inventions, 18 utility model patents, and 40 design patents. The company's stock was listed on the New Third Board on August 12, 2016, the stock code is 838269, and the securities abbreviation is "Youhe Technology". Specializing in "specializing and specializing in new" small and medium-sized enterprises, provincial high-tech cultivation enterprises.

ordinaryAluminum alloy wheelsLightweight and fast. The moment of inertia of aluminum alloy wheels is much smaller than that of steel wheels. Therefore, the installation of aluminum alloy wheels can make the car more sensitive in acceleration, cornering and braking, and the lightweight wheels can make the car go faster.

In addition to its excellent performance on flat roads, the lightweight wheels can also improve the comfort on bumpy roads. The cooling effect is better. Aluminum alloy is strong, narrow spokes, easy to shape, it can leave more room for ventilation, accommodate larger brake calipers and brake discs, and can reduce the temperature more effectively.

What is the effect of Audi wheel decoration

Based on the principle of technological innovation and independent research and development, the company has accumulated many years of production experience, and always adheres to the marketing tenet of "customer first, integrity management"; the demand is to "satisfy all customers", strong research and development capabilities; the company has a complete and scientific Quality management system. The company's integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Taking quality as the core, adhering to the business philosophy of "internationalization, branding, and scale", it is committed to "continuous improvement, pursuit of high-quality products, improvement of service quality, and satisfaction of client needs".

Car wheelsThe green and milky white are two contrasting colors, and the red of the taillights is a good choice for red and black; so men try to choose black, because black represents stability and ferocity, without losing the true color of the tire.

If you want to keep the original color for a long time, you should choose the change of painting color, it is recommended to go to a reputable modification shop. It's not as simple as we thought. The surface of the car wheel hub is first leveled and repaired, then cleaned and painted, then dried at high temperature, and installed after 5 days.

Be careful not to touch sharp hard objects when driving, and remind workers not to scratch when washing the car.

What is the effect of Audi wheel decoration

The company was founded in 2011. After more than seven years of development and operation, the company has become a large-scale enterprise with product serialization, large-scale production and brand management in the domestic aluminum alloy wheel industry.

For the same weight, aluminum alloy wheels are more impact-resistant, while steel wheels are more flexible.

An impact that can deform a steel wheel may not deform an alloy wheel, which is thicker. However, when the impact force is large to a certain extent, the aluminum alloy wheel may break directly, while the steel wheel will only deform more seriously. On the premise of ensuring strength, the lighter the wheel, the better, the more sensitive the suspension response, the less effort to rotate the wheel, the better the acceleration, and the better theoretical fuel consumption. Aluminum alloy wheels are generally considered to be lighter.

When the temperature of the hub is high, let it cool down naturally before cleaning, and do not wash it with cold water. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel will be damaged, and even the brake disc will be deformed, which will affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum alloy wheel hub with high-temperature cleaning agent will cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the wheel hub, tarnish and affect the appearance.

When the asphalt on the hub is difficult to remove, if the general cleaning agent does not help, try to remove it with a brush, but do not use a hard brush, especially an iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the hub.

In order to enhance the external beauty of aluminum alloy wheels and protect the environment, the traditional painting and electroplating processes will be gradually reduced and replaced by water-based powder coating technology. After polishing and spraying with clear powder, the shiny metal wheel appearance can replace electroplating.

Coated wheels are not only color-changing, but also environmentally friendly and refined, it can meet your needs to a great extent. Brushing is a surface treatment method, which forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product, thus playing a decorative role, because this tire looks two colors and has a glossy surface, which is also one of the important factors for car owners to choose wheel drawing. one.

What is the effect of Audi wheel decoration

The adhesion of the aluminum alloy wheel hub during the electroplating process is mainly manifested as blistering and peeling. The bubbles refer to the bulging phenomenon in the local area between the coatings, and the small bubbles are difficult to pierce with a knife.

The large bubbles are similar to exfoliation after clearing and also exhibit the characteristics of exfoliation. Spalling is a phenomenon in which the positive film area between coatings can separate and tear off. Spalling can occur between zinc coating and nickel coating, between semi-gloss nickel and acid copper, and between plated hub and nickel coating. Types have different applications and different solutions.

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