What factors need to be considered when choosing a wheel hub?


When you dress up a car, don't ignore the wheels, because the appearance of the wheels and the tire pattern are a visual impression, and this careless place can show the owner's taste. At the same time, it is very important to choose wheels according to the characteristics and needs of different models. Steam wheel hub maintenance experts remind you of the factors that should be considered when choosing a hub: When choosing a hub, the following factors should be considered: One is the size.

When choosing hubs, don't blindly add hubs. In order to improve the performance of the car, the wheels are added, and the large wheels must be matched with wide flat tires to keep the outer diameter of the tires unchanged. The horizontal swing of the car is small, and the stability can be improved.

The thinner the tire, the worse the shock absorption performance, and the comfort will be sacrificed. Barrier chrome tires such as stone are easily damaged, and blindly increasing the cost of the wheel hub cannot be ignored. The second is the hole distance.

The hole distance, screw eye distance, and eccentricity must be suitable for the vehicle model. This means that when choosing a wheel hub, do not choose the appearance you like at random, and do not follow the advice of experts, but consider whether the three distances are appropriate. The third is shape. The structure of the wheel hub is complicated. The dense wheel hub is really beautiful and more classy. When washing the car, it is easy to be refused to wash or charge more money because it is more troublesome to wash. The simple hub is full of vitality, clean and tidy.

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