What do you need to know about the maintenance of aluminum alloy wheels?


The hub is a very important part of the car wheel. A good wheel hub not only looks good, but also has excellent performance. It is one of the important items in the car modification project.

According to the different materials, ordinary wheels include steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels, so today the maintenance experts of aluminum alloy wheels will talk about the maintenance methods of aluminum alloy wheels. 1. Clean the wheel hub regularly. After cleaning, wax and maintain the wheel hub to keep its luster forever. 2. The temperature of the hub is relatively high.

For natural cooling and cleaning, do not wash with cold water, otherwise it will damage the aluminum alloy wheel hub, and even deform the brake disc, which will affect the braking effect. High-temperature cleaning of aluminum alloy wheels will cause chemical reactions on the surface of the wheels, which will lose their luster and affect the appearance of the wheels. 3. If the location of the vehicle is wet, the wheels should be cleaned frequently to avoid corrosion on the surface of the aluminum alloy wheels.

4. When the surface of the wheel hub is stained with hard-to-remove asphalt, general cleaners will not help. You can try to remove it with a brush. Do not use hard brushes, especially iron brushes, so as not to damage the surface of the hub.

In fact, the maintenance of car wheels is very simple. You can completely operate and protect your hubs at home. In fact, this is to protect the car's feet and prolong its service life.

Wheel repair experts say that only in this way can you run more easily and run farther.

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