The hub of the car is scratched and needs to be repaired. I will teach you one way to save hundreds of dollars in repair fees.


Generally, when a vehicle is driving on the road and encounters some narrow roads or curbs, it will cause the car wheel to be scratched. So if it is scratched, do you want to repair it? Teach you a way to repair it with less than a few hundred yuan fee. Whether to repair or not depends on the actual situation. Now, no matter what the style is, they all have a protective coating on the outside. If they are scratched, only a little bit of the protective layer will be scraped off, but the metal inside will not be exposed. If it is not repaired, it will not cause much impact, because this is only an appearance of damage, but if it appears that the metal inside has been exposed, it needs to be repaired, because if it is left alone, the exposed metal will be damaged. Contact with water, air, or acid and alkali components will easily rust, affect the strength of the wheel hub, accelerate damage, and may cause accidents during subsequent driving. If it is more serious, it will be very expensive to go to a car repair shop for repairs, so if the problem is not very serious, there is actually no need to spend this money on repairs or replacements, unless the wheel hub is deformed or broken. It is necessary to replace it. For general scratches, it can be repaired directly with automatic spray paint. Spray a thin layer each time, and then spray it after it dries. Gradually cover and stabilize it. After spraying 5 layers, wait The recovery can be completed in 3 days. This method has a good effect on minor scratches, and can also save the owner a lot of money for car repairs.

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