The main points of aluminum alloy wheel repair


The owner knows the carhubOften scratched or scratched. they repair every timeCar wheels. If it is not repaired, it will affect the beauty of the car; second, the wheel hub is unstable, which is caused by external force; third, the wheel hub will be corroded or oxidized over time, so what should we do?

The way we are used to is that if the wheels are cheap, we can directly replace the new wheels, saving time and effort.

We can also get insurance coverage and save money. What should I do if the wheels are expensive?

1. It's not a big problem, don't worry about it;

2. The problem is more serious, choose a repair shop to repair or replace the new wheel directly if it is convenient;

3. The problem is serious, only new wheels can be ordered;

For example, BMW or Mercedes-Benz it is a high-end car. Its wheels are very expensive and inconvenient to order.

You may need to order 2-3 months in advance. Of course, these high-end cars are reluctant to use various brands of wheels in the market, so there is a problem. What should we do if the wheels of a high-end car get scratched or scratched?

You can't be so ashamed.

You can't lose this person. Going to the repair shop to repair the price is high, and the construction quality is not satisfactory. What do you do? Bear with it, who made the market without auto wheel repair technicians, a lot of people have this problem.

Now they are still plagued by these problems. Usually, there is no way to drive in.

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