The benefits of using aluminum alloy wheels


thehub, also known as the rim, is a barrel-shaped metal part, the center of the tire is installed on the axle, and the hub decoration cover is generally fixed on the center of the wheel to beautify the appearance of the wheel and protect the wheel and the center hub. At present, a part of the hub decoration cover structure is directly fixed Welded on the wheel, today I will take you to understandAluminum alloy wheelsbenefits of using it.

The connection will damage the surface finish of the wheel, the operation is more complicated, and the quality of the connection cannot be guaranteed; the other part is the hub decoration cover, the mounting holes on the hub are fixed on the hub, for example, the decoration cover is installed on the rim surface of the wheel through the pawl, Although the operation is simple, the installation size cannot be adjusted.

The aluminum alloy wheel hub includes a hub body, the middle part of the hub body is provided with a mounting groove, the bottom of the mounting groove is provided with a center hole socketed with the wheel shaft, the edge of the mounting groove is provided with a stepped hole, and the stepped hole of the decorative cover is provided with a stepped hole. The snap ring on the side near the outer surface of the hub.

The decorative cover includes a decorative surface matching the outer shape of the hub main body and an installation surface inside the hub main body. There is a protrusion on the outer side of the lower end of the buckle, and an adjustment groove corresponding to the protrusion is provided on the inner side of the lower end of the buckle.


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