Let you master the method of identifying refurbished wheels


It is understood that with the popularity of automobiles, the tire market has also been promoted. Due to rising prices and high cost of cars, many people play with car tires. Tires are an important factor in determining the speed of a car.

We cannot be careless. Today, wheel retreading experts will tell you how to retread tires. Expired tires.

Generally speaking, retreaded tires have very rough tires with combined marks on the side of the tires.

The rubber materials used for treads and tire sides are very different. Therefore, special attention should be paid to identification. Many retreaded tires do not have brand logos or haphazardly spelled letters.

Some use branded wheel names or logos, but the writing is illegible.

When some regular manufacturers produce branded tires, the tire side is marked with a shelf life, usually two years. Some illegal businesses will use these loopholes to sell expired tires directly, because some car owners do not pay attention to them.

Therefore, we should remind most cars to pay attention to the shelf life of tires, which will be marked on tires produced by regular manufacturers.

Most car owners have to ask the merchant when they buy tires. Generally, formal businesses do not tax car owners.

If they tax themselves and buy tires, they should pay special attention to the car, because the quality of tires directly affects our driving safety. Buy from a reputable store and avoid causing damage to your driving safety because of your carelessness.

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