Introduction to the processing technology of the wheel hub


Most car owners have heard of many wheel hub processes, including baking paint, wire drawing, polishing, imitation electroplating, electroplating, etc. What are the characteristics of these crafts? Painted wheels are a kind of multifunctional wheels, which are suitable for popular color models. This is the process for many original wheels.

The surface of the painted wheels looks low-key, calm, smooth, and clean, with a strong astringent temperament. Once the surface of these wheels is damaged, it will greatly affect the temperament of the wheels themselves and the appearance of the car itself. When the owner is driving, turning or driving under bad road conditions, it is easy to damage the surface of the wheel hub, resulting in general or severe scratches on the surface, which seriously affects the appearance of the wheel hub.

In severe cases, the wheel hub may be deformed. It can repair this kind of hub, repair surface scratches, and repair hub deformation, breakage, gaps, etc. As a commonly used wheel hub, painted wheels are very popular among the public.

The brushed craftsman's dynamic wheel hub technology is popular among young people. The surface of the brushed wheel hub is smooth and clean, with delicate lines. It looks like two colors with a strong sense of layering.

This is a big market for young people. For example, Kia K5, Volkswagen Golf, etc. all use this kind of wheels, which makes the whole body full of dynamics. Compared with brushed wheels, polished wheels are much more low-key.

Polished wheels are relatively good among business people. Polished wheels are also a favorite wheel technique. The surface of the polished wheel has natural metal texture, bright luster, smooth and clean appearance, strong visual beauty, giving people a successful and stable temperament, which is calm and low-key, but can not be ignored.

Ordinary polished wheels include the wheels of Cadillac, Maserati and other models. Imitation electroplated wheels, also known as electroplated wheels, are a kind of wheel technology with a temperament between brushed and electroplated wheels. It has both the dynamic feeling of brushed wheels and the feeling of electroplated wheels. Compared with other wheels, electroplated wheels are more domineering. Compared with other wheels, the quality and hardness of electroplated wheels are superior.

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