How to replace aluminum alloy wheels?


If you accidentally install a low-quality steam wheel hub, it will not only bring hidden dangers to your own travel, but also endanger the lives of others. In recent years, traffic accidents caused by poor quality wheels have occurred frequently. It is difficult to distinguish by sight alone, and requires professional instruments to measure, but it can be distinguished by listening to the sound.

It is difficult to see whether the steam wheel hub is real or not from the appearance. Some quality parameters of the steam wheel hub can only be measured with professional instruments, and the appearance of the wheel hub is not as obvious as the anti-counterfeiting mark of RMB. In addition, many car owners have suffered losses due to the application of related metal protection materials.

The compressive strength of aluminum alloy wheels is quite high, and the compressive capacity of ordinary household wheels is more than 20 tons. In fact, the use of such wheels for trucks can meet the requirements, but the brittleness of the aluminum alloy material is poor, that is, when compressed to 20 tons, the elastic deformation space before fracture is very small, as long as the torque exceeds the standard, the torque will basically break. Therefore, off-road vehicles often do not use aluminum alloy wheels, and occasional flying can easily cause the wheels to break.

However, this is also unlikely to happen with off-road domestic cars. The hub of this material can meet the commuting needs of various roads and normal roads. The green and milky white of the steam wheel hub are two contrasting colors, and the red of the tail light is a good choice for red and black; therefore, men should try to choose black, because black represents stability and fierceness without losing the true color of the tire.

If you want to maintain the true color for a long time, you should choose the variation of painting color. It is recommended to go to a reputable modification shop. It's not as simple as we thought.

First, flatten and repair the surface of the steam wheel hub, then clean and paint, then dry at high temperature, and install after 5 days. Be careful not to touch sharp hard objects when driving, and remind workers not to scratch when washing the car. .

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