How to clean car rim spokes?


The dirtiest parts of a car are tires, rims and other places, and cleaning these places is the key to making the whole car look clean. Because these places are often full of dirt, many people use very A hard brush can do it all at once, but the effect is usually not worth the candle. Today Taoche will tell you how to clean this part accurately and quickly. When washing tires, you will usually prepare a brush with a long handle so that you can clean it roughly and deeply. When washing the front wheels, if you can turn the steering wheel left and right, you can clean the whole place more easily. If the tires are not too dirty, you don’t need to spend money to buy special cleaners, and use the usual cleansers Just wash with detergent. Unless there is really too much dirt, it may cost a little money. In addition, you can't just use a brush to wash the tires. Of course, you need to use a brush, but it can't be used on chrome plating. The mirror-treated rim will leave obvious scars. The general principle is-use a sponge when washing large parts; use a brush to wash small parts. For example: brushes can be used on both sides of the tire Brush vigorously. As for some less obvious places, such as: the lower side of the fuel tank, the exhaust pipe, etc. Because it is not obvious, it is easy to be overlooked. You can use a cleaning agent to brush vigorously with a brush. Use a sponge for the exhaust pipe It can be cleaned without using a brush. On the surface of the car, as long as this part (tires and below the knees) is cleaned, even if there are some small stains in other parts, the whole car still looks bright and bright On the contrary, it is not so good. So don't think that this part is not important, this part is the focus of cleaning the whole car.

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