How to clean alloy wheels


Alloy wheels get dirty very easily. How to deep clean alloy wheels? If you buy a new car, chances are it will come with a set of snazzy custom alloy wheels as standard. But those shiny (often) silver rims can quickly start looking dirty, mostly because they're perfectly positioned to collect more dust than the rest of the car.

Alloy wheels don't just have to deal with everyday grime from the road and air, these drab brown deposits also mix with dust from the brakes and quickly get baked onto your wheels due to the oven-like temperatures generated by the brakes and tire. So how to clean the wheels? You can use the same detergent you use to wash the rest of your car, but it will only remove surface grime. To remove baked-on grime, you'll need a professional alloy wheel cleaner.

Some people may be tempted to use a vinegar-based household product, and a can of WD40 does a good job of removing hard tar deposits. However, if you want to really clean your wheels, dedicated wheel cleaners are the way to go, as these products only need to be used once to remove grime and simply rinse off when you're done. • Best alloy wheel cleaner If you're cleaning the wheels, you're probably cleaning the rest of the car at the same time.

A pressure washer is a great way to remove most grime from your car, including the wheels, but it won't take away baked-on brake dust. But the alloy wheel cleaner will deep clean the low pressure casting wheels, get into all the tight crevices and soak in the dirt. They can do this without damaging the varnish or paint, saving you on expensive renovations down the road.

Best way to clean alloy rims

We recommend wearing rubber or latex gloves when cleaning the wheels so you don't get covered in dust or cleaning products—some can irritate the skin, and fine dust particles can easily get under your fingers and nails. Our favorite wheel cleaners are just sprayed on and you let them do their thing before rinsing off. The best cleaners also change color to show you exactly how much grime has been removed, and the ingredients they use mean they won't damage your tires and can simply be flushed down the drain when they're done.

JWHEEL alloy wheels suppliers recommend washing the wheels again after using an alloy wheel cleaner, but wear rubber or latex gloves again while washing, as brake dust consists of very fine particles that can get deep into your fingers and under your nails. Once spotless, you can treat your wheels with a professional wheel wax. This will add a layer of protection that will help keep brake dust from accumulating.

Once you've finished your wheels, give your tires a coat of tire gloss to bring them back to their optimum sheen. Now your wheels will look good and hopefully last a long time, while regular cleaning will help prevent brake dust from baking.How to Clean Alloy Wheels: Important Tips Get professional alloy wheel cleaning products.

Use a pressure washer to remove any loose dirt. Put on some rubber or latex gloves. Use alloy wheel cleaning products as directed.

Leave at the appointed time. Rinse well. Clean the wheels again, making sure to remove all detergent and any remaining dirt.

Apply wheel wax for an extra layer of protection. As a professional alloy rims manufacturers in China, JWHEEL custom alloy wheel manufacturers offers the best wholesale alloy wheels for wordlwide customers. Welcome to inquire about alloy wheels wholesale price, we are the best choice of alloy wheel manufacturer.

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