Common sense of automobile aluminum alloy wheel modification?


Nowadays, everyone's life is good, and more and more private cars use aluminum alloy wheels made of A356.2 aluminum alloy. Car wheel modification is a popular service in the market, and the same aluminum alloy wheel modification is one of them. Aluminum alloy wheel maintenance experts said that the characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels are as follows: Improve driving comfort.

Automobile aluminum alloy wheels have metal properties related to vibration absorption and rebound, which belong to integrated molding, and are processed by CNC machine tools with high dimensional accuracy. Really roundness is also very high. A good sense of balance improves the comfort of the car during driving.

Normal driving, fuel saving. Since the aluminum alloy wheels we replace are relatively light in weight, the inertia of four-wheel rotation is reduced during driving, which improves the acceleration performance of the car, correspondingly reduces the demand for braking energy, but also reduces fuel consumption. Improve driving safety.

When a car is running at high speed, its tires will rub against the ground, resulting in a high-temperature blowout. Braking performance is reduced, but the heat dissipation coefficient of aluminum alloy wheels is two to three times that of ordinary wheels. At the same time, the heat generated by the tires and braking system is discharged into the air in combination with the relevant structural characteristics of the aluminum alloy wheel hub.

Even when braking continuously for a long time, it can maintain a proper temperature, reduce the aging of the braking system and wheels, and improve driving safety. Improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. Modifying a vehicle, especially modifying a set of aluminum alloy wheels, can make the vehicle look beautiful.

It saves fuel, but it can also reduce the probability of tire blowout, which is very suitable for hot summer.

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