Aluminum alloy wheels have advantages over traditional wheels


As we all know,hubIt is an important part of the car. At present, aluminum alloy wheel is a commonly used automobile wheel. Compared with traditional wheels, aluminum alloy wheels have certain advantages.

Therefore, automotive steel experts will introduce the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels.

1. Fuel saving

For wheels of the same size,Aluminum alloy wheelsIt is 2kg lighter than steel wheels, and a car can save 10 yuan kg of weight. At the same time, every time the car is reduced by one kg, it can save 20L of gasoline a year. Aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than ordinary steel wheels, but each car can save 20,000 km. The cost of fuel is more than enough to offset the cost.

2. Improve the service life of the engine

According to the load and power curve of the car engine, when the load increases to a certain level, its power will decrease, which means that at this time, it will be more difficult to reduce engine load, natural failures and prolong service life.

3. Good heat dissipation

The heat transfer system of aluminum alloy wheels is three times that of steel, which has a good heat dissipation effect. When driving at high speed, the tires can also be kept at an appropriate temperature, so that the brake drum and tires are not easy to age, increase the lifespan, and reduce the chance of tire bursting.

4. Sturdy and durable

The impact resistance, tensile strength and thermal strength of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than those of steel wheels, which is one of the reasons why aluminum alloy and aviation technology in the defense industry play an important role.

5. Beautiful

Generally, steel wheels are limited by production, and the form is monotonous and rigid, and there is no change. The aluminum alloy wheels have various designs and are shiny. The color effect is better, thereby improving the value and beauty of the truck crane.

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