Revolutionary Wheels: Boosting Vehicle Performance

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January 15, 2024
Revolutionary Wheels: Boosting Vehicle Performance

Revolutionize Your Ride: Bigger Wheels, Superior Performance!


We will explore an intriguing topic - the effect of increasing wheel diameter on vehicle performance.

A one-inch increase in wheel diameter will have the following effects on vehicle performance:


1. Handling: Increasing the diameter of the wheel usually improves the handling of the vehicle. Larger wheels provide a shorter wheelbase and lower centre of gravity, which helps to improve vehicle stability and handling response.

2. Suspension and Brakes: Larger wheels may need to be fitted with stiffer suspension systems and larger brake components. This can improve suspension support and brake power, but may also increase the cost of the suspension and brake system.

3. Appearance: Larger wheels usually give the vehicle a sportier and sleeker appearance. This may add to the visual appeal of the vehicle, but care should also be taken to harmonise with the overall design of the vehicle.


4. Fuel Economy: In general, increasing the diameter of the wheels will slightly reduce the fuel economy of the vehicle. Larger wheels and tyres increase rolling resistance, resulting in a slight increase in fuel consumption.


It is important to note that when changing the wheel size, you also need to make sure that the new wheels are compatible with the vehicle's wheel arches and braking system, and comply with the relevant laws, regulations and safety standards. It's best to consult a professional car tuning shop or vehicle manufacturer for advice and guidance on your specific car model.

In conclusion, increasing the diameter of your wheels is undoubtedly one of the most important ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. Choose a wheel of the right size to give your car more fighting power and bring more fun to your driving experience!

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